Tools for the Future

The Master Plan includes important tools for the future to support San Mateo agencies with planning, designing, implementing, and tracking Sustainable Streets projects. These include:

  • Model Sustainable Streets Policy Language – Advancing Sustainable Streets will benefit from jurisdictions adopting policies that support Sustainable Streets, as well as including relevant language in appropriate municipal plans. In addition, model Conditions of Approval are included for Typology 4 regarding implementation of Sustainable Streets through new and redevelopment. (See Appendix F – Sustainable Street Policy Development) 
  • Stormwater Curb Extension Analysis Tool – This straightforward spreadsheet tool allows jurisdictions to easily assess the feasibility of incorporating stormwater curb extensions at an intersection. (See Section 6.1 – Tools for the Future: Project Planning [page 84])
  • Typical Design Details – The Master Plan builds on C/CAG’s Green Infrastructure Design Guide’s library of typical design details and specifications for Sustainable Streets projects with incorporation of new details that will help allow jurisdictions to easily develop project designs. (See section 6.1 Tools for the Future: Project Implementation [page 88])
  • Web-Based Tracking Tool – Creation of the Master Plan included development of a comprehensive web-based tracking tool that enables San Mateo agencies to track implementation of green infrastructure and progress toward achieving both climate resiliency and water quality improvement. (See section 6.3 – Tools for the Future: Project Tracking [page 90])