Prioritized Planned Projects

Prioritized “New” Opportunities

The maps above present the existing planned project opportunities and the “new” project opportunities after they have been run through the automated prioritization process and scored based on technical suitability and co-benefits. Stronger opportunities are shown in greens and blues. To learn more about near term projects that are funding-ready, check out the “Projects in Action” tab at the top of the website.

This dynamic map of prioritized project opportunities shows all the project opportunities that were recommended for inclusion in the final Master Plan. The opportunities are a subset of the complete list, after removing second-tier projects (low feasibility for integrating green infrastructure) and further vetting with municipal staff. Click around on the map to see project opportunities displayed as street segments and intersection or mid-block crossings and categorized by typology. Click on individual projects on the map to display specific project details, including the prioritization scores, project location, referenced local plan (if applicable) and more.