Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who provided public comment on the draft Master Plan during the comment period (December 8, 2020-January 6, 2021). We appreciate your time and input!

Over 1,000 county residents, local and regional government officials, and stakeholders from government agencies and other organizations around San Mateo County participated in the Master Plan development by voicing their priorities and concerns surrounding sustainable streets. Outreach efforts reached a diverse audience of residents and visitors with a focus on vulnerable communities in the county. To that end, “pop-up” workshops at existing community events were prioritized over traditional community meetings as part of the engagement process in order to meet people where they are. The project prioritization criteria for co-benefits also included several vulnerability indices rolled into an overall community vulnerability metric intended to give higher priority to project opportunities located in historically under-resourced communities. To ensure engage was accessible, game-based tools, such as an activity called “Build Your Own Sustainable Street,” and other interactive tools for input and data collection were used as more effective ways to collect information and engage in meaningful dialogue. Outreach materials were also translated into Spanish and Mandarin to increase accessibility.

Residents and stakeholders shared their first-hand experiences with flooding on local roadways, concerns about safety while walking or bicycling in their communities, the issue of the unequitable distribution of resources in vulnerable communities and a desire for more comfortable and livable downtown corridors, confirming the community need for sustainable streets in San Mateo County.